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introduction to the "magic dice"

  • Jul. 19th, 2007 at 10:49 PM
OK... here (as promised) a little introduction to my "magic dice"... To be honest, the idea isn't my own, it was something I had to do in my 12th grade (one of the few tasks in school I liked ;) )... but I stumbled over my old dice few weeks ago and got the idea that I could start making another one (or more)... it will take some time, but I'll post the instructions asap...

1st side

I guess you can all see, that the dice consists of 8 smaller cubes. The task in school was to paint on all 9 sides a picture (yes, 9 sides, you can fold it a bit, so hidden inside the dice are 3 additional "sides") and we had to pick 1 classic artist and 1 modern artist and then "translate" pictures of the classic artist into the style of the modern artist...
As you can see, I picked Leonardo daVinci and Keith Haring (because I suck at drawing poeple and animals, but in Haring's style, it isn't that bad as normal^^)

OK, as I said, it will take some time until I can give you the instructions for making it, but I can already give you the list of materials...

8 wooden cubes (side length of my cubes is 3cm/1.81in
some brushes
colors (we used "water and resin based matt colors" (in german: Bastelfarbe...) but I can't choose you your colors ;) )
clear adhesive tape (tape's width should be either 1/2of the little cube's side or the same => 1.5cm or 3cm or as close as you can get some...)

for those, who are either interested in the whole dice from me or want to see if there are really 9 sides, I'll show the other 8 sides (though I think that exept the 2nd side it isn't a good piece of art :/ )

2nd side

I think everyone knows that drawing by daVinci, his man in cricle and square, inspired by Vitruv

3rd side

That's supposed to be a "Lady with ermine" (don't say I didn't warn you! I just can't draw living beings :( )

4th side

This is supposed to be the "Christening of Jesus Christ" (uhm, sorry but I have to translate the names of the originals)

5th side

this should be the angel of daVincis "annunciation"

6th side

daVinci's "Madonna with mandrel" (don't ask me why it got that name, I couldn't find a mandrel in the original oO)

7th side

daVinci's famous "the Last Supper" (I guess  you can see that the inner sides aren't squares)

8th side

da Vinci's concept for a chariot with mechanically driven scythes

9th (&final) side

and that was a poor try to draw daVinci's concept of a flying machine

I told you I'm not good in this kind of drawing ;)
I hope you like the idea of that dice
more from me and my dice, when I begin making the new one / I find the instructions :)


woosle wrote:
Jul. 20th, 2007 02:03 am (UTC)
wow that's pretty cool :)
draconnoctem wrote:
Jul. 20th, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)


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