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the craft show: learn something new
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this community is for all crafty and creative people, who want to learn something new from other people. you can ask here for tips or show your art, that is more unusual. find out, if there's a new way to create something handmade in a friendly and helpful community.

like many communities, we have some rules, that make a community a nice place:

♥ to be able to read and post entries, you may join the community and introduce yourself
♥ if you post an entry, that is long or includes pictures, please put it behind a lj-cut (if you don't know how to do it, feel free to ask)
♥ please add tags to your entries, so people can search by tags (for example you want to ask for knitting, add yarn and knitting)
♥ it is very important that you are nice to each other, so no cursing or dramas
♥ don't hesitate to ask! there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers :p
♥ have fun :)

we have no affiliates yet, but if you are interested, please comment in our affiliate post.